Funding Target: $33,000


Attracting up to 100 young people aged 14-24 each week, Headstartt in Fairfield offers homework club, Job club, TAFE sessions, exercise, art projects, and mental health support. Initiated in partnership with Parents’ Cafe Fairfield Inc., and now in it’s third year, STARTTS NSW has partnered with Sydney Community Foundation to deliver this program.

With a positive support network and access to affordable, local activities – Headstartt reduces social isolation, improves language skills, assists with resumes and mentoring. Young people in the program are offered positive alternatives, and encouragement away from organised crime.

In 2015, the Federal Government announced a one-off boost to the Refugee and Humanitarian program to assist 12,000 people displaced by conflicts in Iraq and Syria. By April 2017, 6,466 refugees and humanitarian entrants settled in Fairfield LGA with 41.6% under 24 years old.

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