Older Women

Women Staying Well Hub – Woolloomooloo & Chester Hill

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Women’s Housing Company has a complex in the heart of Woolloomooloo and at Chester Hill. It’s Women Stay Well Hub has brought together a community of older women living in local social housing, and across the wider Women’s Housing Company tenant population.

Rather than burden busy family members or relying on accessing complicated services, the women often prefer to support one another.

Tenants have been pivotal in leading, participating and co-designing activities. New funding would allow expand to build on more digital and financial literacy.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just
$150 helps an older woman learn smart phone skills to stay connected to friends, family and access health and other services requiring digital access

Continuing Multi-year Program

Ageing Well – Western Sydney

Sydney Women's Fund, Inspiring Your Giving, Women Kind, Sydney charity, Domestic Violence, STARTTS NSW

Overcoming the loneliness and isolation experienced by many older people in refugee communities is important to the fabric society.

With practical advice and access to a safe space, STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment, Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) has tailored this program to reach over 400 older people from refugee communities including Bosnian, Serbian, Armenian, Assyrian, Syrian, South Sudanese, Cambodian, Afghan and Tamil.

It delivers respite from the pressures of family life and intergenerational conflict, enables friendships, wellbeing and healthy ageing.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just
$1,000 will reduce isolation and loneliness for older people in refugee communities across Western Sydney

2020 New Project

Sister School

This project will enable Global Sisters to support working age women to become financially independent through an innovative program that offers a pathway to self-employment. Equipped with the skills, knowledge, networks and self-belief to participate economically, participants can make a significant contribution to their own socio economic and financial wellbeing and that of their family and community.

Women’s unemployment, under-employment and income inequality are issues that exist in both low socio-economic areas of Sydney and within pockets of more affluent areas. This project will guide single women over 55, to greater economic resilience.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just
$1,000 supports access to an innovative program on foundations for self-employment

Continuing Multi-year program

Tech Savvy Me ( over 55’s) – Bankstown

Sydney Women's Fund, Inspiring Your Giving, Women Kind, Sydney charity, Domestic Violence, Community Support Services, CSS Village Bankstown

Keeping older Australian’s connected with tech savvy skills. As communication moves online and customer service is digitised, more and more senior Australians are struggling to keep across the advancements.

From staying in touch with the grand children, to accessing medicare which can only be done by email, to staying relevant in an ageist job market, Community Support Services is making sure this generation stays connected.

Funds raised will purchase refurbished laptops and tablets and a tech savvy trainer.

Funding Target

A Gift of Just
$100 will help participants navigate health and other services only available online such as medicare

2020 New Project