Responding to life in a pandemic

A time for community and philanthropy leadership.

Most of us have never lived through a time when the whole nation feels the impact of serious health and economic risk.

It’s a time for all of us to be kind as we look after our families and communities. We know vulnerable people in our community have fewer choices and will be impacted more than others. 

Thanks to you our donors and community we've provided much needing funding to projects needing support!

There is still time to give and every dollar makes a difference. 

Please donate and know your gift will change the life of Sydneysiders having a tough time in 2021.



Since 2014, our Place-Based Philanthropy program has given multi-year support to a network of charity partner “Hubs", thanks to the generous donors of Sydney Women's Fund.

We continue to support the communities of Warwick Farm (Liverpool), Claymore (Campbelltown), Fairfield and now Bankstown.

Listening to local communities, we co-design with charity partners and support a range of proven programs and new pilot projects building social and economic resilience in postcodes of greatest need.  

Together with our local charity partners and you, we're building stronger Sydney communities.



Since 2008, Sydney Sydney Women's Fund has been funding programs to support women and girls in Greater Sydney. The design and selection of projects here is a response to the findings of Sydney Women’s Fund’s Portrait III: Hopes, Fears and Dreams of Sydney Women.

• Overcoming Financial Vulnerability
• Ending Discrimination Against Women
• Education/Employment/Scholarships

Together, we're breaking down barriers so women can successfully complete their studies and forge pathways to employment and financial independence. Financial Scholarships and mentoring for talented girls and young women facing disadvantage. 

We know when women thrive, so to do their children, their families and the whole community benefits. 


Youth Education forms a critical part of our Place-Based Philanthropy programs across Greater Sydney. Scholarships, safe spaces, alternative learning and assisting with mental health for our vulnerable young people at-risk who may not have strong family support.



Download the full Be Kind Sydney Covid-19 catalogue here…

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